To all our cat loving followers, we are in the mist of kitten season once again. If everyone who follows us could possible donate a minimum of $5 per month to go towards the cost of vetting the kittens we rescue, it would be so appreciated. The cost to care for each kitten can range from $140 per kitten to much more, if there is any illness or injuries. We will never say no to helping a kitten in need of medical care.  We will always find a way. We solely rely on donations to continue our mission here in Destin and the surrounding areas. We are so very thankful to everyone for their support. As volunteers, we do what we can as these kittens have a right to live and be safe and be loved. In return, they will  fill our hearts with love and joy. We thank you so much. 


Carol Wride, President of FFOD. 

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