As a foster based rescue, we rely totally on our foster homes. We take in kittens of all ages. We don't take in very many adults but when we do, we always need foster homes available to help. It really is best if you have spare room to house the foster kittens. Once kittens are tested and found to be healthy, you can introduce to your pets, if you chose to.  Some foster homes prefer to keep kittens separate from their pets.

Fostering requires a lot of love and holding and spending time with the kittens.  The more time you spend with them, the more they trust people and purr and this is so important in assisting us in finding forever homes for each kitten. 

We will take care of all the vetting appointments and cost.

Our kitty vetting schedule is as follows:

6 weeks old: bloodtest, deworm,deflea and first set of vaccines;
9 weeks old: deworm, next vaccines and microchips; and

12-14 weeks old: next vaccines, spay or neuter and then it is time to go to Petsmart for adoption. 

Fostering can last anywhere from two weeks to 8-10 weeks. It all depends on the kitten's age.

If you think this sounds like something you would like to do, please call us. I will train you and I am just a phone call or text away, if you have any questions.

Fostering is so rewarding. We get unconditional love from each kitty. It's such great therapy after a long day. It's a lot fun to watch them play with each other. When they sit on your lap and purr, what a great thing. 

Please call us, if you feel you would like to help and foster. 


FFODPresident/Foster coordinator
352-283-0330 or 850-837-3869

Foster Program